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Bye bye V-day!! hello Easter

Last year we bought a console table, which I was intending use for seasonal decor. I’m happy to report that it was the best purchase I did for our adobe. It’s next to the wall facing our lounge. So when all the chores are finished and I finally get around to sit down for my 10min reading time that is what I see. It makes me happy every time I look at it!!

Yesterday we took our V-day decor down and decorated for Easter. The kiddos got involved, though there were some fighting involved(not unusual). overall a fun thing we do as a family!!!




Funny things kids say

Today we went for a hungry jacks birthday party and they were playing a game where everyone’s supposed to sit when the music stops. Noel joined in and started dancing in full swing. Music stopped and all the older kids sat down, he looked around wondering whatz gng on and said “what the?”


Edwin went to bed and we were on the couch watching tv and playing with Noel. I told Noel As you both are fighting all the time, I’m gng to put Edwin in the bin. He didn’t say a word, raised his leg and hit me right on my face.


To make fun of miller for not bringing sweets when they came to tell marys expecting, chachan decided to visit them with sweets. When we were about to leave chachan gave hand shake to miller and he said poda and walked away.

Noel – y didnt minkle give hand shake to pappa?

Mum – when u see minkle u shud ask him y u didnt give my dad hand shake

Noel – ill ask him ” how sad minkle “


Creating new traditions

While driving to work today I asked Edwin what was his earliest family memory. He said our trip to snowy mountains, writing his name for the first time, moving to our house and Singapore trip.

There was no mention about our family prayer or church. So I needed to start something spiritual which will last in their kiddos memories. So from tmrw we will be starting a new tradition.

All 4 of us will hold hands and say a little start off with I’m thinking. “God be with us and guide us through out the day” and give hugs and kisses to each other!!

I’ll comeback with an update soon. ….