Back to school

Did we have holidays?? After the first week that’s how I feel right now.but I can’t complain. I love the routine and organised life style school brings.

Today I want to record, how a normal school is like for us in 2013.

6 am – I’m up
6- 6:30 : me in the kitchen packing lunch and cooking breakfast (mostly idli) , Chachan in the bath by 6: 15
6:30 – 7:00 – boys take bath and get ready. I get ready and Chachan finish ironing. I try to clean the toilet after bath
7:00 7:30 – lunch carriers in the bag, breakfast time. Chachan downstairs by 7:15.
7:30-7:35- clean up kitchen
Out of the door by 7:35

I’ll write about our afternoon routine sometime this week.

Interesting thing I did today. Hmmm…I changed our console table decor from Easter to Mother’s Day. Here is the pic.