Proud of my little fella

A happy day!!

Edwin got his first silver award today. In his school, you need to get 3 bronze for a silver and 2 silvers + a bronze will get you the ultimate gold award. Last year he missed gold for just 1 bronze. So he is on a mission this year. His goal is to get a silver + an extra bronze by the end of this term and it looks like he will make it!!

As usual it’s a proud moment, seeing him on the stage. I never miss it for anything. So I was there waiting for the moment he walks up there. The 5 minutes he stood on the stage, I spent taking pics and waving and giving lot of flying kisses. I know, I know, I’m one of those crazy mums. I want this to be one of those nostalgic moments in my life.

Here it is…my little fella, all proud of his achievement!!!



Am I having enough fun with ma kids??

I don’t think so…Its been few days since we go outside and have some fun. To my defence its pretty cold by the time we get home. But if we could do it last year, we should be able to do it this year too isn’t it??

So a gentle reminder to myself…get out there and have fun with kiddos. Everything else can wait.

what I’m going to do..from tomorrow..5-5:30 we will be out playing and laughing and cuddling and tickling and enjoying the current season of my life!!!

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New direction!!

Though I keep it to myself, I always set goals for myself and try to get there. That being said, there were lot of times, I lot interest half way and dropped it. This year, one of goals was to spend some money and time for myself. It may sound strange, but kids are growing up and I’m having more time in my hand to do other things.

Both Eddie and Noelly are going to bed by 8:30 now, which leaves us another 2 hrs to what am I doing with that time. Though I don’t like to admit it, I waste a big chunk of it on www. I know, I know I have to curb it and invest my time in important things.

But something I’m doing which is making me happy and proud is spending my some time on my appearance. I started picking my clothes for next day, believe it nor I even try different combinations with clothes and jewellery and coming up with different outfits. I even made myself a manicure pack with a dozen nail polish colours. It’s some thing I haven’t done for a very very long time and I have to admit I’m loving it!!!

On top of that I’m keeping a record of my workwear. I find that pictures help me to see the outfit more properly and see what works and what doesn’t. I’m not 18 anymore, so my goal is not to dress up, it is to dress well and look polished. So what I’m trying to archive is to find the trends and looks that works for me.

I planning to post the pics in the blog, slim accountable