Proud of my little fella

A happy day!!

Edwin got his first silver award today. In his school, you need to get 3 bronze for a silver and 2 silvers + a bronze will get you the ultimate gold award. Last year he missed gold for just 1 bronze. So he is on a mission this year. His goal is to get a silver + an extra bronze by the end of this term and it looks like he will make it!!

As usual it’s a proud moment, seeing him on the stage. I never miss it for anything. So I was there waiting for the moment he walks up there. The 5 minutes he stood on the stage, I spent taking pics and waving and giving lot of flying kisses. I know, I know, I’m one of those crazy mums. I want this to be one of those nostalgic moments in my life.

Here it is…my little fella, all proud of his achievement!!!



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