welcome holidays

Bye bye year 12’s and welcome october holidays!!

This is what i love about my job..I get to be a stay at home mum every 2.5 months and by the time I’m tired of organising activities, running around kids and cleaning the house 100 times a day, its time to get back to my other role..working mum!! 

This holiday, my plan is to stay at home and enjoy my kiddos. We have few activities and play dates planned and i have some holiday lessons for my year 12 students, other than that its just relaxing and rejuvenating for the final stretch of the school year. Also time to get excited abut our trip to india. 




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School Treats

Now that the dust has settled on the party, its time for school treats. Every year Edwin takes cupcakes for his classmates and a gift for his teachers to share. So here it is the 2013 birthday treats. Pinwheel cupcakes for classmates and a lollie bouquet for his teacher.



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Birthday party

This year boys agreed on a joined birthday party, since we r going to India during christmas holiday. Reporting back on it, it was the best party i ever planned. Since it was for both, it was team work to a whole new level. 🙂

It took almost a month to plan and prepare and it was lot if work, but it was all worth it. The boys had a blast. I made all the little crafts over a month and started cooking and baking a week ago. It all came together in the end by the grace of god..














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Edwin is turning 9 this sep and Noel’s turning 5 on Christmas Day. I feel like10 min ago they were newborns and now they are all grown up.

So it’s party time in our household. We had a discussion and Edwin would like to go for Nickelodeon slime fest with his close friend instead of school party and since we are going to India during christmas, both set of parents will be throwing party for Noel.

So we are combining our house party with the theme bike/ scooter for both boys. While looking at party games and decorations, I looked back at our last party. And here it is, few pics from Edwin’s party last year.






July holidays

Edwin came back from school with a flu and still running fever. So our holiday plans are on hold until he gets better. I still haven’t printed the holiday calendar nor thought about activities.

Yesterday night i was in bed and thinking what is my priority this holiday. And I came up with 2 things..I want to make sure the kiddos are fed well and edwin to study everyday. So everything else is going to work around those two things. To make sure it happens, this is what I did in the morning. I made 2 snack baskets for the kiddies and got them to choose their snacks for the day in the morning.



Y I started this blog??

I’m pretty persistent, at least that’s what I believe..anyway to the point. I’m forgetting about this little blog of our pretty frequently. So here I’m, trying to convince myself Y I started this at the first place.

Last year, I have done becky Higgins project life to keep our pics and record our memories. Mr wants to do a photo book this year..and we are almost half way this year and I’m starting to get worried that I’m not recording our good memories. Time is flying so quickly and when our house is empty i want our mind to be full of happy memories and have lots and lots of pict and stories to look back on and cherish these wonderful time in our life…

So am I convinced to keep going…I think Im…:)


Proud of my little fella

A happy day!!

Edwin got his first silver award today. In his school, you need to get 3 bronze for a silver and 2 silvers + a bronze will get you the ultimate gold award. Last year he missed gold for just 1 bronze. So he is on a mission this year. His goal is to get a silver + an extra bronze by the end of this term and it looks like he will make it!!

As usual it’s a proud moment, seeing him on the stage. I never miss it for anything. So I was there waiting for the moment he walks up there. The 5 minutes he stood on the stage, I spent taking pics and waving and giving lot of flying kisses. I know, I know, I’m one of those crazy mums. I want this to be one of those nostalgic moments in my life.

Here it is…my little fella, all proud of his achievement!!!